LB-1008 Voltage Protector
LB-1008 Voltage Protector
* Technical Specification:
 1. Rated current: 15 A;
 2. Rated Voltage: 220 V;
 3. Delay time: 20sec or3 min;
 4. Load Power: 1000W-3500W;
 5. Material: PC/ABS;
 6. Size: 143*108*42mm;
 7. Package: 1 pcs/box,100pcs/carton;
 8. Power will be cut off automatically if: -voltage over 250V
                    -voltage under 175v
                    -frequency under 46HZ
* Mark: Customers can have your own requirements on the voltage, amps, delay time and the color of the protectors cover, if customers need, we can make a new mould for our customers, but they must pay for the mould fee, when the totally order quantity on the new mould more than 30000 pieces, we can return the mould fee in the next orders.